A who's who of ERP

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A who's who of ERPThis following table provides a representative sampling of vendors offering ERP software and information about them. The "market served" column is also only a general indicator and many of the vendors listed may also provide products and services for other parts of the market.

Company Market Served Description
Baan Medium to large companies Baan is among the five largest ERP vendors and it provides a broad range of applications including supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, logistics, demand fulfillment, portal, and collaboration tools. Baan's XML-based integration layer, called OpenWorld, is used to connect Baan components as well as third-party applications. The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Invensys.
BRAIN International Medium companies German company that focuses on automotive market segments including automotive machine construction, power/electrical engineering, construction elements and textile collections with special focus on the variant production industry. Provides applications for finance, supply chain management, sales force automation, merchandise management system, production planning and e-commerce.
Epicor Medium companies Offers integrated front- and back-office applications including financials, distribution, manufacturing, planning, scheduling, customer relationship management, sales force automation, business intelligence, e-commerce, and portals. Serves the manufacturing, technology, financial services, and hospitality markets.
FrontstepMedium companies Provides manufacturers and distributors with front- and back-office applications including business intelligence, customer relationship management, supply chain management, finance, planning, project management, and workflow. The company, formerly known as Symix, serves industries such as automotive, consumer products, electronics, telecommunications, and transportation.
GeacSmall to medium companies Canadian company with applications including financials, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, sales, logistics, and supply chain management serving industries such as apparel manufacturing, auto-parts manufacturing, financial services, food and beverage processing, government, and construction.
Great PlainsSmall companies This leader in the small business market was acquired by Microsoft in December 2000 and is now a separate division within Microsoft's small business organization. Although originally focused on financials, applications are now available for human resources, distribution, manufacturing, and e-commerce.
IFSMedium to large companies Provides applications including engineering, design, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, finance, human resources, customer relationship management, supply chain management, e-commerce, e-markets, e-procurement, project management, and portals for markets such as aviation, defense, energy, forest products, railways, and telecommunications.
J.D. EdwardsMedium companies One of the five largest ERP software companies, J.D. Edwards provides OneWorld as a platform for integrating its ERP applications and third-party e-business applications over the Web. Applications include financials, human resources, project management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, asset management, business intelligence, and others for many segments within consumer and industrial markets.
LawsonMedium companies Targets professional services, health-care, financial services, retail, and public-sector markets. Software includes applications for financials, human resources, procurement, distribution, customer relationship management (through a partnership with Siebel Systems), services automation systems and analytics.
MAPICSMedium companies Provides manufacturers with customer relationship management, supply chain management, manufacturing, product lifecycle management, financial and business analytics, and maintenance and calibration management. Supports Windows, Unix, and AS/400.
NavisionMedium companies Danish software company with applications for financials, human resources, inventory, contact management, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and portals.
OracleLarge companies Recognized as the world's second-largest software company due to its leadership in enterprise database management software. For several years, Oracle has built on this business by providing ERP software to the point where it is second in market share only to SAP. Oracle's 11i e-business suite is tightly coupled to its database management software with applications including human resources, financials, manufacturing, project management, supply chain management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, sales force automation, and others.
PeopleSoftLarge companies Among the large ERP providers, PeopleSoft has most vigorously embraced a Web-based architecture. The latest version of the company's software, known as PeopleSoft 8, provides access solely through a Web browser to applications including financials, human resources, project management and planning, service automation, performance management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, e-markets, portals, and others for communications, consumer products, government, financial services, health care, technology, utilities, and other industries.
QADMedium and large companies Chiefly focused on manufacturing but also supplies complementary applications for supply chain management, e-markets, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. Targeted at automotive, packaged foods, electronics, industrial equipment, and medical and pharmaceutical markets.
Ramco SystemsMedium companies India-based company with applications for production, sales, financial, human resources, logistics, plant maintenance, process and quality control serving industries such as aviation, construction, and energy.
Ross SystemsMedium companies
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