What traditional Project Management lacks.

Posted by   Bert Engelbrecht

The current problems organisations face today.

In Organisations today too many incorrect projects are being ventured into that simply will not make any contribution to the success of organisations. These project waste scarce resources and prevent organisations from executing the correct permutation of change initiatives.

Often the budgets for projects are influenced by factors like political alliances within the organisation, or the fact that individuals have an excellent capability to articulate the need for a particular project, versus individuals that don’t have that capability to articulate themselves. Often in these cases the project budget is granted to the ones that can express their requirement for the change initiative better, or those that are politically well aligned with the individuals that control the budget. That does not imply that these particular projects will make the biggest business difference.

The challenge we face.

What is challenging today is the quantification of the proposed projects' returned value, with respect to business and its underlying processes’ improvement. Not only that, but the quantification of the change initiative's contribution to the strategic positioning and strategic differentiation of the organisation.


If a project does not contribute directly to the strategic position of a business it should simply not happen. The point of departure for any project is the correct mandate for the correct project. Simply too many projects are launched into by organisations that should never have happened.

In addition to this it is of critical importance today that we equip projects and project resources with an accurate capability to deliver projects within an ever-changing business environment. In this context projects cannot simply deliver exactly what they initially set out to deliver. It is necessary today to enable projects to accurately change their direction relative to changes in the direction of the underlying business Strategy.

 What our Programme and Project Management method sets provide.

The above mentioned problems and challenges are exactly what our Project Strategising recipe, an extract from ‘Business Engineering Project Management, An Architectural Bias’, ensures that we deliver. This represents but one of the differentiating factors of our Programme and Project Management to the traditional project management principles.

Also see how we identify IT, IS and other resource shortcomings and ensure that their 'Fix-it' projects are aligned with the strategy of the business.


DISCON Specialists in its approach to Programme and Project Management has extended its approach to not only include classical or traditional Project Management, but by also including additional Project Management aspects, specifically to be based on Business Architecture and Business Strategy.

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